Meet the Team

Thanks for visiting this page and thank you all for the support so far. Below are the people who make the Free Ride Flyer a possibility. We are photographers, videographers, and writers, and most importantly… skaters.

Mike Paproski


Mike Paproski is an award winning action photographer/videographer whose work has been celebrated on the web, the tele, in newsstands, and bookstores alike. His ability to “think quick” and still get the shot, can be seen in this GoPro video link. To see more of Mike’s work visit his Vimeo, YouTube, or Instagram channels. 

Amanda Haaland


Amanda is one of our staff photographers and has done website design, shipping, and coordinating. She started stand-up skating in 2018 but took up luging in 2020 and hasn’t stopped since. Amanda is ambitious about the sport and dedicated to the community.

Tim Cernanec


Tim is an Ohio born skater who made his mark on the Midwest scene, bringing home podium positions and producing media for the events he attends. You can always find him and his camera at Soldiers of Downhill!

Ryan Farmer

Ryan Farmer has been skating and riding luge for over a decade, in more recent years they began documenting more and have opened up a small darkroom in Northern California with their partner. Ryan utilizes their experience on a street luge and manages to capture some unique angles, often on film.

Sam Marsteller


Coming soon!

Lari Rupp

Coming soon!

Luke Nolen


Luke is a professional videographer and entrepreneur living in Houston, Tx. His days are spent combining his skills and passions. His journey is only beginning and being part of the Freeride Flyer team is a dream coming true. When you see Luke blasting down the hills without hesitation while strapped with cameras, just know he’s where he belongs.

Di Dootson


Coming soon!

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